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Showing all 21 results

Packs of custom MIDI loops and patterns for sale

This section of the TRAKTRAIN Store contains kits packed with royalty-free MIDI loops. You can buy MIDI tracks for various virtual instruments: drums, keys, you name it. So enjoy all the packs in this session available for sale.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it is a universal format of communicating musical information to computers. Sooner or later, everyone experiences a shortage of resources for putting together their new beats. Usually, the natural instinct is to resort to samples from old songs or loops recorded especially for producers. Although those offer great ways of shaping your sound, they sometimes might not be flexible enough to suit your needs.

On the contrary, MIDI format provides you with the ultimate freedom. That is, you can choose the sound of the track for all kinds of plugins. Even more, you can change the tempo, edit the length, velocity, or the key. It is easy to cut MIDI loops and glue them together and insert additional fragments in any spot. Also, you can see exactly what notes are in the MIDI patterns and can effortlessly match them with other parts.