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Showing 1–24 of 34 results

Packs of royalty-free loops for sale

TRAKTRAIN offers a huge collection of packs of audio loops for sale. They contain royalty-free music loops of a wide range of instruments that include acoustic, electric and electronic ones.

Every producer needs musical content to put out beats and tracks regularly. Playing the instruments yourself can be great but also time-consuming. You have to have a particular instrument accessible and have the ability to record it in high quality. In that case, hiring musicians and renting a studio can be rather costly, and doing things in MIDI, even with the greatest VST Plugins can sometimes be not ideal.

As a result, it has become a tradition for music producers, especially in hip-hop, to reuse samples of existing songs in their beats. And this approach works fine but has caveats of running into copyright issues and making your compositions sound unoriginal. So TRAKTRAIN’s Loop Kits store section is here to help make your production process a little easier. Here you can buy packs of hip-hop loops professionally recorded with a variety of instruments ranging from guitar to obscure synths. Every pack is created with a specific style or even concrete artists in mind. The purpose is to have you achieve a particular sound without reusing samples from released music!