Traktrain Loop Kit “Slaughter” (50 Loops) by Sredna Beats

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In this Traktrain Loop Kit “Slaughter” Sredna Beats presents 50 vinyl and ambient Loops perfect for making TM88, Southside or Wheezy type beats.


In this loop kit, “Slaughter” by Sredna Beats, you will find 50 various vinyl and ambient loops/samples. The loops consist of 2-6 sounds and are split up into parts which give the ability to create variations in your beat. The loops are heavily inspired by PVLACE and CuBeatz for producers such as TM88, Southside, or Wheezy.

Sredna Beats, the author, has managed to make one of the richest loop kits in the Traktrain Store. Words may fail to describe what it is all about. Ghostly woodwinds are drawing out the flowing melodies. Keys and pianos are playing inventive chord patterns. Pads and synths are outlining the haunting harmonies. Bells and vibes are ringing away to accentuate strong and weak beats within the loops. And all this is accompanied by special effects such as flangers and vinyl crackle to artificially make the samples retro-sounding, giving them analog warmth. Above all, this kit offers vast diversity in sound and mood.

What’s inside?

  • Fifty original loops
  • 32-bit quality audio
  • Multi-instrumental arrangements
  • Processed and produced samples
  • Loops up to 3:30 minutes in length
  • BPM and key specified for each track

Sredna Beats is a 19 years old trap and hip-hop producer from Denmark. Despite his age, he is able to release quality beats and help his fellow beatmakers with original loops samples. His main artist styles are TM88, Southside, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia.

2 reviews for Traktrain Loop Kit “Slaughter” (50 Loops) by Sredna Beats

  1. Volkan Sounds

    thanks for the loops! every single one has high quality and there are even 50 of them. they are definitely worth the price!

  2. Daddy Garcia

    This loop kit is crazy not a single bad loop i recommend everybody to go cop this like ong I’m serious this some next level stuff ❌

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