Traktrain Loop Kit “Regretless” (50 Loops) by Kazoo


In this Traktrain Loop Kit “Regretless” Kazoo presents 50 High Quality Loops including Ambient, Guitar, Flute, Vox and Bells for making the best beats.


We are proud to present the “Regretless” Loop kit by Kazoo (ex. Noah!) in the Traktrain Store. It includes 50 loops of various instruments, keys, and tempos perfect for making Lo-Fi, Chill, and Hip-Hop beats.

Above all, the “Regretless” Kit is perfect for those who are looking to expand their sound and are not afraid to experiment. While following trends in pursuit of sounding recognizable, one might lose their originality and get lost in the stream of identical tracks. In the music world, with it being a creative medium, one must take risks to stand out. And this kit, with its unique, epic, and somewhat eccentric loops will definitely help you with this task!

What’s inside?

  • High-quality audio;
  • 24 Pad, Ambient and weird loops;
  • 15 Keys, bells, and plucks samples;
  • 8 Guitar loops;
  • 4 Vox and Flute samples;
  • Up to 30 seconds in length;
  • BPM and key specified per each track.

Kazoo (ex. Noah!) has a very unique style of producing as he frequently blends multiple genres together while bringing out the best in each. The best way to describe his sound would be a future, retro trap. A very unique sub-genre of course but a very interesting and unheard of one as well. His melodies are very progressive, forward, and fresh. This kit will certainly give your music production a new flavor.


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