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Arguably rhythm is the most important element of modern music. One of the most crucial instruments for creating rhythm is drums. The key to having a groove in a beat is not only about arranging the parts, but it is also about the sounds themselves because the first thing that listeners pay attention to is timbre. Punchy kicks, rattling hi-hats, thumpy snares, resonating crashes – that is one way to get people nodding their heads.

But finding good-sounding / quality drum samples is not an easy task, so that is where TRAKTRAIN jumps in to help. The drum kits featured in our store include samples released by professional music producers and engineers. The creators of these kits use live studios with real drums or rare and expensive hardware to record the sounds. You can always find your desired sound among the available drum kits whether you want a warm natural percussion, classic TR-808 sounds, or custom made and processed samples. Once you buy a kit, you will have all the included sounds at your fingertips to use in your own beats.

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Showing all 9 results