Jdolla Drum Supply Collection Vol. 1


In this Drum Supply Collection Vol. 1 Jdolla presents 130 One-Shot samples perfect for making Underground and Trap beats and music.



Introducing the “Jdolla Drum Supply Collection Vol. 1” by Jdolla, a meticulously curated drum kit tailored to elevate your beats in the dynamic realms of Underground and Trap music.
This exclusive collection features a diverse array of hard-hitting and unique drum sounds. Jdolla’s signature touch is evident in every element, from the deep, resonant 808s to the unconventional percussion samples that bring an avant-garde edge to your productions.

The “Jdolla Drum Supply Collection Vol. 1” transcends the ordinary, offering an extensive palette of textures, including distorted claps, glitched-out effects, and hard hitting 808s.
Elevate your music production with this cutting-edge drum kit, where the sound meets the diverse landscapes of underground and trap music. Unleash a wave of innovative beats and make your mark on the music scene.


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