Traktrain Sax Kit “The Brass Section” (110+ Samples + EXTRA) by Hieronymus Dros



“Hieronymus Dros” has just finished off recording his album “The Age Of Hieronymus” after a long year of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Now, he presents to you a collection of saxophone sessions, a few trumpet sessions and more.
All to use at your musical discretion for your very own projects! This original material is a treasure for you if you are looking to jazz up your beats.

What’s inside?

  • Over 40 Saxophone samples;
  • Over 20 Trumpet samples;
  • Riffs, loops and melodic ideas;
  • Dry and FX-processed versions;
  • Key and tempo specified for each sample;
  • Promo track using the samples included.

Hip-Hop producer “Dros” (hailing from Melbourne, Australia) has made a nice beat here and there over the years. He enjoyed the craft of making beats and being a Hip-Hop head in general. However, became disillusioned by the over-saturation of the beat-making world itself. So he decided to put together a jazz-funk album at the whim of his alter ego “Hieronymus Dros”. It took a whole year of dedication. After recording numerous talents from all over the world, Dros put together a library of saxophone and trumpet works left over from the project for producers and beat-makers alike in order to reconnect with his former self and deliver some great samples!


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