Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Glacial Waves” (70+ MIDI-Loops) by Veliera Beats

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In this Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Glacial Waves” Veliera Beats brings 76 MIDI-Loops perfect for making new and fresh Trap and Hip-Hop type beats.


Veliera Beats presents his awesome MIDI-kit called “Glacial Waves” in the Traktrain Store. Certainly, the loops featured on this kit will find their best use in such genres as Hip-Hop, Trap, Emo Rap. Above all, they would fit perfectly on Juice WRLD, Travis Scott and Future type beats. However, thanks to the versatility of the format, an able producer will find an application for them in virtually any style of music.

The pressure to put out new material regularly is real, and it can be overwhelming trying to come up with new ideas every day. The creativity needs some inspirational grounds to stem from, for example, a groovy sample, or a new sound. And sometimes, it takes just a fresh drum pattern to get your juices flowing and the whole track idea springs to mind just after hearing it. Well, the MIDI loops on this kit are just about that. With it, you get all the trending rhythms at your fingertips, free to customize sounds, change the tempo, mix and match the parts however you see fit!

What’s inside?

  • 14 808 patterns;
  • 17 Kick parts;
  • 16 Hi-Hat loops;
  • 11 Open Hat loops;
  • 9 Snare patterns;
  • 9 Percussion parts.

Veliera Beats is a young and talented producer from Milano, Italy. He is working hard to put out new original beats and materials as often as possible. Certainly, his fresh vision expands on the contemporary Hip-Hop genres, and you can use this to your advantage.

2 reviews for Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Glacial Waves” (70+ MIDI-Loops) by Veliera Beats

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    How come these 808 loops are playing as a piano on Logic ?

    • zakladki

      Hey, this is so because midi-clips are midi-triggers which works with any instrument you put it on. Simply use it with bass-instruments to get the desired result.

  2. cortez

    Thanks zakladki, it worked for me !

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