Brass Knuckles Sample Pack (85+ Loops) by Lostbeat Audio


In this Brass Knuckles Sample Pack Lostbeat Audio presents 85+ Loops including Brass, Bass, Chords, One-Shots & Melodies perfect for making Trap type beats.


Lostbeat Audio presents the Brass Knuckles Sample Pack on Traktrain Store. It contains 89 loops and one-shots taken from full horn sections. To be precise, the featured instruments include variations of a trumpet, trombone, tuba, baritone sax, and more.

The Brass Knuckles pack brings a punch from the horn section into your compositions. There are various loops of horn section chords, bass lines, melody, and effects effective in styles ranging such as EDM, Trap but also HipHop House, and more. The pack includes loops for a range of tempos, keys and includes chord lines, melody lines, basslines, effects, and one-shots.

Brass instruments are unique in that their tone changes with their volume, as such this pack, includes a range of tone variations and note articulations such as staccato (short), legato (smooth), and accent crescendos (sfz p <).

What’s inside?

  • 17 Basslines loops;
  • 34 Chords loops;
  • 25 One-shots;
  • 13 Melody loops;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • 100% Royalty-free.

Lostbeat Audio is headed by Robbie James, a multi-instrumentalist with wide musical interests encompassing many styles. Because of that, he manages to work professionally in composition and sound design in various media. For instance, he has composed music for film, games, theatre, and more, including work in festivals. Additionally, he is an electronic producer for a number of artists/vocalists including Charlie Lim and Gabriel Lynch.


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