Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Epic” (120+ MIDIs) by Veliera Beats

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In this Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Epic” Veliera Beats presents 120+ MIDIs perfect for creating new style Hip-Hop, Trap and Chill-Hop type beats.


Veliera Beats presents “Epic” MIDI Drum Kit containing over 120 MIDI files on our Traktrain Store. Looking to pump up your Trap, Chill or Hip-Hop tracks with refreshing rhythms off of the recent trends? If so, you are in luck – your search ends here.

The rhythm is the skeleton of the track, and it has to be a strong one to carry all the meat of timbre, melody, and vocals. It can be tough to come up constantly with creative rhythm parts, and this Epic Drum kit is to the rescue.
It has all the elements for success! Firstly, 808 and Kick tracks that will instantly make your listener want to jump up and down. Secondly, Snares and Claps that hit right on time to add essential dynamics to your beat. Last but not least, Hat and Perc patterns that keep the steady beat rolling while bringing necessary variety to the track. Add to that the flexibility of the MIDI format that allows you to customize tempo, mix the parts with your original material, and even edit the tracks.

What’s inside?

  • 25 808 patterns;
  • 7 Clap tracks;
  • 25 Hi-Hat patterns;
  • 25 Kick tracks;
  • 20 Open Hat patterns;
  • 7 Percussions tracks;
  • 14 Snare patterns.

Veliera Beats is a young and talented producer from Milano, Italy. He is working hard to put out new original beats and materials as often as possible. Certainly, his fresh vision expands on the contemporary Hip-Hop genres, and you can use this to your advantage.

1 review for Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Epic” (120+ MIDIs) by Veliera Beats

  1. geronimo

    really helpful, it speeded up my workflow!

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