Traktrain 5 Kits Bundle “Gucci Doves” (80+ MIDIs / 150+ Samples) by Jordon Lumley

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In this spectacular Traktrain 5 Kits Bundle Jordan Lumley presents 80+ MIDIs and 150+ Samples perfect for making CARLXRD, Nate DAE, and Sabino type beats.


We are happy to present the “Gucci Doves” Bundle by star producer Jordon Lumley at the TRAKTRAIN Store. The Bundle includes 5 brand new kits with MIDIs and samples from Jordon Lumley himself, who had previously released some of the best selling kits at the Store. Therefore, Jordon has already proven himself as a capable and sought after content creator. So if you are looking to up your game as a beatmaker and inject your tracks with fresh ideas and sounds, this bundle is definitely worth checking out.

With this bundle, you get 5 packs: 2 MIDI kits and 3 Sample Drum kits. Firstly, there is Ariose kit with 39 MIDIs containing melodic loops and hi-hat patterns. Secondly, Waves Hi Hat kit with 50 MIDI patterns for your Hi-Hat parts. Thirdly, there are three drum kits included: Cursed with 35 samples, Dark Matter with 67 samples, and Witch Craft with 55 samples. They contain a diverse collection of high-quality audio samples of 808, Kick, Hi-Hat, Snare, Percussion and VOX sounds.

What’s inside?

  • Ariose MIDI Kit – 39 MIDIs
  • Waves Hi Hat MIDI Kit – 50 MIDIs
  • Cursed Drum Kit – 35 samples
  • Dark Matter Drum Kit – 67 samples
  • Witch Craft Drum Kit – 55 samples

Jordon Lumley, the creator of this kit, is a music producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has produced tracks for various hip-hop artists, such as SCARLXRD, Nate DAE, and Sabino.


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