LeauxFi – LeauxKey (MIDI Kit)

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In this LeauxKey (MIDI Kit) at the TRAKTRAIN Store make flat and heavy MIDI patterns like it is in J Cole, Young Thug and Ronny J type beats.


Firstly, give a try to this Powerful and aggressive midi-patterns to achieve best quality and equality making your own beats. Because of the author’s incredible talent, you will reach high peak beat structures. In addition, you can try using these midi-patterns for synthesizers and other instruments for the sake of experiment, try it out!

We have precisely what all advanced snare makers require all an opportunity to facilitate their life and to create new device and Hip-Hop bangers. We present this to a great degree valuable thang for you generation – trap drum design pack Fill The Trap.

This is the midi drum circles library (Midi Drum Kit). You will discover greetings cap move circles and catch move designs in it. All you require is to drop any midi circle you jump at the chance to you DAW, switch on your most loved sampler and pick the hi-hat or catch sound from your own!

Obviously, every one of those examples will flawlessly fit the 808s, hi-hat and catch tests. However, you can unreservedly trial and utilize any sounds. Also, in the event that you need to add up to uniqueness, you can change the key, the hole between the notes or their situations in any midi circle yourself.

What’s inside?

  • Absolutely amazing MIDI patterns for making smooth and exclusive beats.

LeauxFi (aka THE TEN) is a music producer based in Miami. His social media accounts buzzing with news about his new releases, collaborations with artists in great recording studios. As a result, his attitude towards quality causes respect. People around him speak of him as a master of his craft.


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