“Metallic” Hi-Hat MIDI Kit (50+ MIDIs) by Tommy Hydra


In this “Metallic” Hi-Hat MIDI Kit Tommy Hydra presents 50+ Hi-Hat MIDIs perfect for making any style Trap, Hip-Hop, Boombap and New School type beats.


Traktrain Store presents the “Metallic” Hi-Hat MIDI Kit by Tommy Hydra. It contains 58 MIDI Hi-Hat and Open Hat patterns. Above all, the rhythms from the kit fit into Trap and New School beats. With that being said, they can also spice up any type of Hip-Hop track.

The dense repeated Hi-Hat hits have been a staple of Hip-Hop and its derivatives, especially Trap and its sub-genres. But using the same patterns over and over can sound boring and tiresome. That is exactly the purpose of this kit: to help producers fill that gap in drum parts without having to puzzle over inventing new patterns. So if you are looking to freshen up the rhythms of your with some cutting edge Hi-Hat parts, this kit definitely brings content and inspiration to the table.

What’s inside?

  • 58 MIDI files in total;
  • 25 Hi-Hat patterns;
  • 33 One-Shot Hi-Hat patterns;
  • Modern state of the art grooves;
  • Fully customizable and universally compatible format.

Tommy Hydra is a young and talented producer from Monza, Italy. He is working hard to put out new original beats and materials as often as possible. Certainly, his fresh vision expands on the contemporary Hip-Hop genres, and you can use this to your advantage.


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