Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Dior” (50 MIDIs + BONUS) by Veliera Beats


In this Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Dior” Veliera Beats prepared 50 MIDIs + BONUS WAVs perfect for making inspirational Hip-Hop, Trap and Boom bap type beats.


Veliera Beats presents his MIDI Kit “Dior” on the Traktrain Store. This haute couture kit contains drum parts for 808, kick, snare drums, and also hi-hat and open hat patterns. Above all, this material would fit perfectly in the Trap and New School context. For example, some of the artists that inspired the “Dior” kit are Gunna, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Future. That said, the included loops can be easily used in any Hip-Hop beat to achieve that modern sound.

As a producer, you constantly evolve your sound. And sometimes you have to resort to external sources for inspiration or adaptation of certain elements. For example, an unusual drum part or a bass pattern that adds a variety to the rhythm of your track. As a result, you have a jumpy beat that propels the song forward and keeps the listeners on their toes. Recognizing that the “Dior” kit offers an original spin on classic rhythms that helps you keep things fresh while preserving the style.

What’s inside?

  • 24 808 MIDI patterns;
  • Bonus! 24 rendered 808 audio files;
  • 9 Kick MIDI patterns;
  • 7 Snare MIDI patterns;
  • 9 Hi-Hat and Open-Hat MIDIs;
  • Modern Drum grooves.

Veliera Beats is a young and talented producer from Milano, Italy. He is working hard to put out new original beats and materials as often as possible. Certainly, his fresh vision expands on the contemporary Hip-Hop genres, and you can use this to your advantage.


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