Traktrain Guitar Kit “Nuclear” (100+ Loops) by oldboyy


In this Traktrain Guitar Kit “Nuclear” oldboyy presents over 100 Guitar Loops perfect for making new style Hip-Hop, Trap and Chill-Step type beats.


Joe Leytrick AKA oldboyy presents the “Nuclear” guitar loop kit. It emerged after months of guitar riff creation for producers of all sizes and genres. The kit includes over fifty loops with dry and wet variations (totalling 108 files) performed, processed and mastered by the author himself. Because of the inclusion of clean versions of guitar loops, you can fit it into almost any genre like Trap and Hip-Hop. But surely, the guitar is essential in Chill-Hop and Chill-Step.
The guitar is a very tricky instrument for producers because it is hard to reproduce with electronic instruments. Additionally, guitar parts from the existing songs are not always a good fit in a modern mix. So the guitar kits like this come to save the day. With the “Nuclear” guitar pack you get nuanced playing, professional studio recording and masterfully tweaked effects.

What’s inside?

  • 54 unique guitar loops;
  • Both dry and wet version available;
  • Live-recorded by a pro guitarist;
  • Processed with top tier FX;
  • Includes mono- and polyphonic guitar.

Joe Leytrick AKA oldboyy is a seasoned songwriter/producer from Nashville, Tennessee. He has over 1,000 riff downloads on his website just in the past 3 months. So oldboyy has already made a name for himself in the hip hop sample guitar community. Expect a variety of influences and emotions such as sad, dark, trap, emotional, and fatigued.


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