Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Red Eyes” (30 Loops) By Kabeh

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In this Traktrain MIDI-Kit “Red Eyes” Kabeh Beats presents 30 Loops polished right for making future style Trap and Hip-hop type beats.


TRAKTRAIN is proud to present “Red Eyes” Midi-kit by a talented Brazilian musician and producer Kabeh. It is inspired by works of influential artists, such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott. Despite that this kit was created with Trap in mind but is for sure is suitable for a wide variety of genres: Hip Hop, Downtempo, EDM, Pop.

So the kit contains 30 atmospheric, well thought out loops varying from 10 to 25 seconds in length, recorded with keys. And they feature melodic rhythms, arpeggios and beautiful chord progressions. Above all, this kit brings you melancholic and pristine melodies, backed up by full-fledged harmony that is bound to have an emotional impact on your listener.

All the included MIDI files are compatible with all the DAWs imaginable. So they are waiting for you to drop them into your project and run through your favourite plugin. Moreover, the MIDI format gives you the ultimate freedom to experiment. That is to say, you can change the key, speed up or slow down the tempo, even edit individual notes! And seeing the exact notes on the piano roll will help you to pick out other components for your track.

What’s inside?

  • 30 musical fragments;
  • Unique composition;
  • MIDI format – fully customizable;
  • Chords and melody on each track.

Kabeh is a talented producer from Vitoria, Brazil, who has been around on music scene for a while. As a result, he is experienced in a few music genres such as Trap, Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and Ambient. And this helps him compose in a variety of styles.


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