Sliced And Diced Sax & Flute Sample Pack by Lostbeat Audio


In this Sliced And Diced Sax & Flute Sample Pack Lostbeat Audio presents 175 Samples perfect for making jazzy Hip-Hop and Chill Trap type beats.


Lostbeat Audio presents “Sliced and Diced” Sax and Flute sample pack on the Traktrain store. It consists of 175 samples, including flute, sax, and vocal loops, as well as some vocal one-shots. Certainly, the content of the kit will sound great on New Age, Chill-Hop, and Jazz-Hop tracks. However, these samples would fit into any Hip-Hop type beat if it fits the mood.

An important thing to note is that the pack is aptly named. The title “sliced and diced” means that the loops consist of samples cut and stitched together in a creative way. Some pre-recorded and then woodwind and vocal parts comprise a collection of intricate musical fragments. In addition, with one-shots also included in the pack, you can try creating your own sliced and diced parts – the possibilities are truly endless.

What’s inside?

  • 37 Flute loops;
  • 37 Sax loops;
  • 41 Vox loops;
  • 13 Effect loops;
  • 57 Vox one-shots;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • 100% royalty-free.

Lostbeat Audio is headed by Robbie James, a multi-instrumentalist with wide musical interests encompassing many styles. Because of that, he manages to work professionally in composition and sound design in various media. For instance, he has composed music for film, games, theatre, and more, including work in festivals. Additionally, he is an electronic producer for a number of artists/vocalists including Charlie Lim and Gabriel Lynch.


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