Oriental Flutes Sample Pack (180+ Samples) by Lostbeat Audio


In this Oriental Flutes Sample Pack Lostbeat Audio presents 183 Samples of different ethnic instruments perfect for making Japan and India style beats.


Lostbeat Audio presents Oriental Flutes Sample Pack with 183 samples of loops and one-shots played on various flutes. This is a real treasure for making New Age music with an oriental touch to it. However, you can also use these samples in Trap, Hip-Hop, and EDM tracks to add that ethnic vibe. So this can really set your beats apart and bring out unique qualities in music.

Firstly, this pack contains a multifarious collection of samples of wind instruments that come from different cultures of the East. For example, Bansuri is Indian, Shakuhachi and Shinobue is from Japan, Xiao flute is Chinese. Because of a centuries-old tradition of playing, these instruments produce very nuanced sounds that are hard to replicate by different means. So don’t miss a chance to enhance your sonic palette with these samples!

What’s inside?

  • 31 one-shots and trills;
  • 152 various lutes loops;
  • Authentic ethnic sounds;
  • BPM and key specified for each loop;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio.

Lostbeat Audio is headed by Robbie James, a multi-instrumentalist with wide musical interests encompassing many styles. Because of that, he manages to work professionally in composition and sound design in various media. For instance, he has composed music for film, games, theatre, and more, including work in festivals. Additionally, he is an electronic producer for a number of artists/vocalists including Charlie Lim and Gabriel Lynch.


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