LeauxFi – The OLYMPUS KIT (Over 100 Drum Samples)

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In this TRAKTRAIN Drum Kit “OLYMPUS” LeauxFi presents over 100 drum samples perfect for making any kind of Hip-Hop, Trap, and Chill beats.



The OLYMPUS Kit at the TRAKTRAIN Store by the producer LeauxFi offers an impressive collection of various drum samples. In short, there are a bunch of one-shots of different kinds, as well as some loops of exotic percussions or synthesized sounds used to emphasize rhythm.

The variability of this pack allows saying with confidence that there is something in it for every style and genre of modern music. However, the featured samples would sound best in Hip-Hop context, especially within a Trap, Lo-Fi or Chill beat. So the fans of the Travis Scott, J Cole, Young Thug sound will definitely make good use of this Drum Kit.

Because all the featured samples were professionally recorded, synthesized and processed, it ensures rich sounding drum and percussion samples. So there are plenty of materials to help one achieve the truly dynamic sound. Firstly, you captivate the attention of your listener with a kick drum and 808 punches. Secondly, you hypnotize them with snappy snare slaps and soft hi-hat patterns. Further, you excite them with cutting through rimshots and claps. And last but not least, you surprise them with unusual percussions and SFX.

What’s inside?

  • 21 808+Bass
  • 9 Claps+Snaps
  • 8 Hihats
  • 9 Kicks
  • 15 loops
  • 22 percs
  • 5 SFX
  • 13 Snares+Rims
  • 2 Vox

LeauxFi (a.k.a. THE TEN) is an accomplished producer based in Miami. His social media accounts are buzzing with news about his new releases, collaborations with artists in great recording studios. So his musical intuition and experience allow him to be productive while maintaining high-quality standards.


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