«Flavors» Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit


In this brand new «Flavors» Guitar Loop Kit Traktrain presents 100 HQ Guitar Loops perfect for making melodic Emo Trap and Chill Hip-Hop type beats.


Traktrain has released the “Flavors” guitar loop kit made by an affiliated producer. The samples were recorded in a studio and processed by different effects. So the 100 total files include both dry and wet versions. The loops were made with the sound of Emo Rap and Chill in mind. However, they will sound good within Hip-Hop or Trap beats as well.

Firstly, the “Flavors” kit explores an intricate variety of emotions. That is to say, the musical contents represent different states of mind and soul. There are frantic 8th-notes patterns, warm syncopated grooves, and sorrowful intervallic riffs. Secondly, the effects used on the loops help bring their characteristic qualities to the forefront. Reverb, delay, and tasteful overdrive amplify the emotion behind each sample and make them all the more atmospheric. In addition, the kit includes several folders where there are a few loops that share harmony and meter, so they can be used together in one track. So be sure to grab a taste of different flavors of the electric guitar featured on this kit!

What’s inside?

  • 100 loops in total;
  • Clean and FX versions;
  • Grouped by theme in 11 folders;
  • Tempo and key specified for each sample;
  • Professionally performed and recorded;
  • High-quality audio.


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