Traktrain Sample Pack “$onic Youth” (160+ Samples) by Waldo

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In this Traktrain Sample Pack “$onic Youth” Waldo presents 160+ Samples including Loops and One-Shots to make Trap, Hip-Hop and Future type beats.


Waldo is presenting a huge sample pack “$onic Youth” with more than 160 samples! The kit contains drum loops and one-shots, as well as some instrumental and special effects samples. So the included material on its own is sufficient for creating several Future Trap, Emo Rap, and Hip-Hop beats.

An experienced producer knows that the sound of the rhythm section is just as important as the pattern they are arranged in. For that, the “$onic Youth” sample pack has over a hundred one-shots of different drum elements. What is more, there are several dozen instrumental loops and effects thrown in to complement your tracks’ drum grooves.

There are millions of loops available online, and infinite possibilities of sampling existing songs. However, when using sounds from different sources, there is a risk for the end product of sounding eclectic. But with this sample pack, you can be sure that your track will be stylistically uniform.

What’s inside?

  • 18 808s samples;
  • 11 Kicks one-shots;
  • 17 Hi-Hats and 7 Open Hats samples;
  • 15 Snares one-shots;
  • 20 Percussions samples;
  • 12 Claps and Snaps one-shots;
  • 37 Multi-instrumental samples;
  • 30 Extra samples with different effects.

Waldo, the creator of the kit, is a 20 years old producer from England. He originally got into music through playing the piano at church, and since couldn’t imagine his life without music. His work has been streamed over a million times on the few produced songs.


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