Traktrain Loop Kit “Cutthroat” (Over 90 Loops) by Soundmason Music


In this Traktrain Loop Kit “Cutthroat” Soundmason Music provides over 90 Loops just perfect for making Dark Trap, Hip-Hop and future style type beats.


Soundmason Music is releasing a massive “Cutthroat” Loop Kit that contains 96 audio tracks. Notably, the creator of this pack is a Grammy-nominated producer. So this kit is a must-have for anyone who is looking to make Dark Trap, Emo Rap Hip-Hop beats. That is to say, the samples from this kit will be perfect for recreating the sound of GhosteMane, Juice WRLD, Yung Thug.

The “Cutthroat” kit contains a wide variety of synth samples grouped by key and BPM. First of all, there are few deep Bass loops – without a doubt, they play the most important part in a track. And the Bass samples featured on this kit have punchy tones that can pump up any beat. Secondly, the included piercing Lead loops are sure to grab your listener’s attention. And last but not least, resonating Arps and Keys and airy Pads are the perfect complement for your new next-level beats. In addition, every group of samples is mixed with each other to give you an idea of how to match them together. And finally, the star producer Soundmason included a Demo Track featuring the samples from the kit to showcase its potential.

What’s inside?

  • 30 sample sets;
  • 26 Synth Bass samples;
  • 13 Synth Leads;
  • 13 Keys samples;
  • 7 Arps/Chords samples;
  • 5 Percussion tracks;
  • 4 Pad/Strings tracks;
  • Demo Track composed of featured samples.

The author of the Loop Kit Soundmason Music is a producer and DJ from Woodstock, NY. His almost 20 years of experience in the industry render the ability to release top-notch material. Do not miss a chance to use these samples in your own tracks!


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