Smooth Chords 2 Sample Pack by Lostbeat Audio


In this Smooth Chords 2 Sample Pack Lostbeat Audio presents 80 Samples including Guitar Chords, Leads and One-Shots perfect for making Brazil Hip-Hop.


Lostbeat Audio presents a successor to the first “Smooth Chords” loop kit with a new set of guitar chord loops, leads, and one-shots on the Traktrain Store. So this time, the kit features Brazillian nylon guitar professionally played and recorded in a studio. Certainly, this kit is a steal when creating Latina Hip-Hop. But it can also be used in Jazz-Hop, Chillwave, Lo-Fi, and other similar styles.

The Brazillian guitar has a rich history and a distinct musical tradition that makes it sound immediately recognizable and unique. That is to say, such genres as Bossa Nova, Samba, and Choro left an imprint on the sound of the pack. For example, its captivating rhythms and extended chords make it sound hip and jazzy, and at the same time authentic and genuine.

What’s inside?

  • 33 Guitar Chord Loops;
  • 16 Lead Guitar loops;
  • 31 Guitar Chord one-shots;
  • Nylon Acoustic Guitar;
  • Key and tempo specified;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • 100% Royalty-free.

Lostbeat Audio is headed by Robbie James, a multi-instrumentalist with wide musical interests encompassing many styles. Because of that, he manages to work professionally in composition and sound design in various media. For instance, he has composed music for film, games, theatre, and more, including work in festivals. Additionally, he is an electronic producer for a number of artists/vocalists including Charlie Lim and Gabriel Lynch.


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