“Red Dead Banjos” Banjo Loop Kit (60+ Loops) by oldboyy

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In this “Red Dead Banjos” Banjo Loop Kit oldboyy presents 60+ Loops including banjo riffs perfect for making western-style Trap and Hip-Hop type beats.


Joe Leytrick AKA oldboyy presents “Red Dead Banjos” loop kit at the Traktrain Store featuring banjo and acoustic guitar samples. It contains 33 live recorded loops available in both clean version and processed with different effects totaling over 60 files. Because of its ingredients, this kit is perfect for making western-influenced Hip-Hop, Chill and Trap beats.

The “Red Dead Banjos” pack is fairly unique among its counterparts, because of its unusual compound of instruments. However, this fact should not put an experienced producer off. Because of the constant need to refresh one’s sound, it is often necessary to experiment with unexpected combinations. And loops done with natural instruments, especially masterfully performed, always give a lively touch to the mix of the beat. This kit is all about the feeling of riding through vast plains on a horseback early in the morning…

What’s inside?

  • 33 original loops;
  • Dry and wet versions available;
  • Natural instruments – banjo and guitar;
  • Professionally performed and recorded;
  • Wild West sound.

Joe Leytrick AKA oldboyy is a seasoned songwriter/producer from Nashville, Tennessee. He has over 1,000 riff downloads on his website just in the past 3 months. So oldboyy has already made a name for himself in the hip hop sample guitar community. Expect a variety of influences and emotions such as sad, dark, trap, and exhausted.

1 review for “Red Dead Banjos” Banjo Loop Kit (60+ Loops) by oldboyy

  1. Madeleine (verified owner)

    Love it! Thank you, it’s been a few hours and it already completely changed the direction of one of my songs 🙂 Could be used for so many different genres too

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