maak – Berserk


In this Berserk Sample Pack maak presents 191 kit loops of New Jazz, Super Trap, Brazilian Phonk inspired by City Morgue, SosMula, Zillakami, Yeat, Amir Prod, BNYX, and more.


Dive into the “maak – Berserk” Sample Pack, an expertly crafted collection of 191 kit loops and 13 sound sets, designed to push the boundaries of music production. This pack, available on Splice, is a technical marvel for producers, offering a diverse range of high-quality sounds that are ready to be the backbone of your next project.

Embrace the darkness and intensity of “maak – Berserk,” where the haunting vibes of New Jazz, the raw power of Super Trap, and the rhythmic pulse of Brazilian Phonk converge. Inspired by the gripping world of the ‘Berserk’ manga and anime, this sample pack is perfect for artists channeling the unapologetic energy of City Morgue, SosMula, Zillakami, Yeat, and Destroy Lonely, and producers seeking the cutting-edge sound of Amir Prod, BNYX, and Synthetic. Elevate your music with the unparalleled depth and grit of “maak – Berserk,” and carve a niche in the competitive landscape of music production.


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