Turok Preset Kit (Gross Beat) by Tommy Hydra

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In this Turok Preset Kit Tommy Hydra presents 150 FL Studio Gross Beat plug-in presets + BONUS perfect for processing modern Trap and Hip-Hop type beats.


Tommy Hydra presents the “Turok” preset kit with 150 presets for the Gross Beat plugin in FL Studio. Furthermore, the author added some MIDI patterns and four effects samples of various monster noises. Certainly, these presets can be used in a wide range of genres of music, including Hip-Hop, Trap, and EDM.

Gross Beat is a real-time, audio-stream playback, pitch, position, and volume manipulation effect. To be precise, it comes with the FL Studio DAW, but can also be used separately with any other DAW. The distinction of Gross Beat from its analogs is that it works with a live audio stream, not only samples. The pack includes five preset banks based on the style of the effect. They will allow you to achieve blood boiling sounds you never thought possible!

What’s inside?

  • 150 presets for FL Studio Gross Beat plugin;
  • Bonus: 4 FX samples;
  • Bonus: 10 MIDI high hat patterns.

Tommy Hydra is a young and talented producer from Monza, Italy. He is working hard to put out new original beats and materials as often as possible. Certainly, his fresh vision expands on the contemporary Hip-Hop genres, and you can use this to your advantage.


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