TRAKTRAIN | Sticker Pack (6) – Free Shipping


Buy custom made TRAKTRAIN branded Limited Edition sticker pack of 6 stickers at TRAKTRAIN Store. Free shipping!


We are proud to present our first TRAKTRAIN branded sticker pack. It includes 6 stickers with various unique designs, printed on durable Polypropylene with sunlight and water-resistant ink. So be sure to get them and put them where they stick to show off your affiliation and promote the platform!

Three of the stickers feature TRAKTRAIN brand and logo in various colors, and two of them are shape-cut. On one of the other stickers, three ladies are standing in provocative poses holding guns. And on top of that, there is our project’s title and volume bar over the roof, both in the style of old TV controls, indicating that some dope beats are playing. Further, the other sticker has some disturbing non-recognizable animal bared tooth muzzles glimpsing through the darkness. Additionally, this one has our stylized logo as well, accompanied with Sentimental Instrumentals subheading. And the last but not least is a sticker with a man in a TRAKTRAIN hat and sunglasses, looking away, smoking and looking badass.

All in all, the stickers on this pack, however different, have the same vintage VHS vibe around them. And their stylish designs will go together very well with underground interiors and clothing. They will serve great as a token of recognition for fellow musicians and producers. But even if people who see them do not know what TRAKTRAIN is, they will get a sense of your personality.

What’s inside?

  • 6 stickers;
  • Unique design;
  • TRAKTRAIN logos;
  • Limited edition;
  • Free shipping.


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