Traktrain Drum Kit – Sudden Death (Over 100 Sounds) by Crypt


In this Sudden Death Drum Kit at the TRAKTRAIN Store Crypt brings unique samples to create Smokepurrp, Ronny J and Lil Pump type beats.


Can you imagine a perfect set of drums in which 808s sounds as if at the time of dirty parties in Detroit with the fingers of instrumentalists breaking on the pads, who are hard at work for shaking masses of real music connoisseurs? This set of samples recorded at a professional studio will refresh your music and fill it with the spirit of the past, present, and future. Here and now, not requiring processing, drum instruments, sparkling with the purity of their sound in your project.

What’s inside?

  • 808s (20);
  • Sub Basses (5);
  • Claps (13);
  • Crashes (8);
  • Closed Hats (17);
  • Open Hats (8);
  • Kicks (18);
  • Percs (13);
  • Snares (22).

Crypt is a young and talented music producer. Having started writing music not so long ago, he discovered a world of opportunities and a successful career. Today, he works with famous artists, being at the same time a successful and bright representative of his genre.