“Ambience & Texture” Loop Kit (100 Loops) by Kepler88


In this “Ambience & Texture” Loop Kit Kepler88 presents 100 Loops perfect for making Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott type beats.


Traktrtain Store presents the “Ambience and Texture” sample pack by Kepler88. This kit contains 100 audio files filled with surreal sounds. Certainly, not every piece of music needs such textures. However, if you are aiming at grabbing attention, high emotional impact, and cosmic feelings, this pack might be just for you. Likewise, if you are into Ambient, Drone, or Trip Hop, you will definitely find gems here for usage and inspiration.

Above all, this kit excels at creating extraterrestrial soundscapes that take listeners out of their routine to the higher planes. In the same vein, industrial noises will bring awe before the soulless world of machines. Additionally, time-bending and mind-melting drones will rouse the vague anxiety. So if you are looking to add meaningful sonic qualities to your tracks, the “Ambience & Texture” kit is definitely worth getting.

What’s inside?

  • 100 ambient audio samples;
  • Each file 21 seconds long;
  • High-quality 32-bit audio;
  • 100% royalty-free samples;
  • Mystical otherworldly sounds.

Kepler88 is an electronic music composer and producer. His experimental cinematic styled work ranges from heavy dark industrial tones to unique emotionally engaging melodic ambiance. Most notably, he is recognized for his unusual sound design methods. Because he is always trying to push boundaries of electronic music with his abstract melodies and unique rhythms. This pack is a sneak peek to the sonic world he is creating.


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