Traktrain Loop Kit “Transcendent” (50 Loops) by Chef Aidan



Chef Aidan is proud to present a new dish – “Transcendent” Loop Kit containing 50 Original Loops. Varying in length, key, and tempo, they will be a perfect match for any Trap, Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop beat. So if you draw inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott and the like, you will definitely like what’s on the menu!

But let us dive deeper into the recipe. First of all, the creator’s musicianship and experience rendered the meat of this loop kit. That is to say, melodies and harmonies that draw attention and leave an emotional impact on the listener. Second, the garnish: all loops are done with different instruments – keys, synths, and pads – that compliment their musical content perfectly. Third, the sauce: effects, post-processing, mixing, the sheer quality of audio output – all make the pack even more appealing. So use it with caution: might cause transcendence and disregard for material values you would earn using this kit’s contents in your tracks!

What’s inside?

  • Fifty original loops;
  • 32-bit quality audio;
  • Multi-instrumental arrangements;
  • Processed and produced samples;
  • Emotionally driven harmonies and melodies;
  • BPM and key specified for each track.

Chef Aidan is a music producer from Florida. He is a skilled beatmaker regularly putting out his work regularly and showcasing his expertise. Besides that, he released several loop kits in the past, so the experience refined his skill.


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