Traktrain Loop Kit “Night Racing” (50 Loops) by freq

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In this Traktrain Loop Kit “Night Racing” freq presents 50 Loops ideal for making Emotional Trap and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop type beats to hit charts.


Traktrain store is proud to present Loop Kit “Night Racing” by freq. The kit includes 50 original loops that will boost your sound and inspire creativity. Above all, these samples were created with Emo Trap and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop in mind. So if you want to produce for a new Emo Rap rising star or start your own hit Youtube music radio, this pack is for you!

The tracks in the “Night Racing” kit are more than just synth loops and instrumental samples. Each of the loops that you find in this pack represents a composed, arranged, and produced musical idea. The featured instruments include shimmering pads, ringing percussions, rolling keys, and atmospheric ambience sounds. The tracks are so complete and polished that each can be a basis of its own track. However, they provide enough space for you to expand upon them and build your own ideas and even mix and match them together. After all, modern tools allow easy pitch and tempo change. So this challenge will be easy because you already know the original key and BPM.

What’s inside?

  • 50 high-quality audio samples
  • Key and BPM specified for each file
  • Ear-capturing melodies
  • Emotionally driven harmonies
  • Spacious soundscapes

Freq, the author, is a music producer and engineer from Denmark. He knows ins and outs of the music creation process, so by using the materials from this kit, you can be sure to gain from his experience and expertise.


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