Traktrain Loop Kit “Monolith” (50 Loops) by KAISHEN


In this Traktrain Loop Kit “Monolith” KAISHEN presents 50 High-Quality Loops perfect for making Hip-Hop, Trap and New School Rap type beats.


Traktrain Store presents “Monolith” Loop Kit by the producer KAISHEN. The pack contains 50 lengthy multi-instrumental loops. Above all, the featured samples fit the styles of New School Hip-Hop and Trap. Additionally, they can be used in Chill and Lo-Fi beats.

The loops in this pack are all about building an atmosphere in your music. With it, you have a whole palette of emotions at your disposal: from miserable to ecstatic with everything that is in between. The used instruments encompass the best from the digital and analog worlds. The real instruments include guitars: acoustic and electric, percussion: bells and vibes, winds: flutes and trumpets. Additionally, the creator used electronic instruments like keys, synthesizers and vocaloid, along with various modulation techniques to manipulate sound. Although the loops have multiple instruments they are mixed that way that you have plenty of space for the foundation of your beat.

What’s inside?

  • 50 multi-instrumental loops;
  • Up to a minute in length;
  • High-quality 32-bit samples;
  • Crystal clear spacious mixes;
  • Emotional melodies and harmonies;
  • 100% royalty-free samples.

KAISHEN is a London-based producer who creates bouncy, hard-hitting beats and bright melodies while incorporating live instruments. Primarily, he has been working on the melodic side of music a lot recently. So he decided to put out a compilation of his best samples. He combined real instrumentation and electronic synths to create these samples. The loop kit that he crafted has colorful samples with all sorts of vibes, from upbeat Latin to dark and mellow style.


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