Traktrain Guitar Kit “Retribution” (60 Loops) by Lord Ghost


In this Traktrain Guitar Kit “Retribution” Lord Ghost presents 60 Guitar Loops perfect for making any style Trap, Hip-Hop or Western style type beats.


Lord Ghost presents “Retribution” Pack on Traktrain Store. It contains 60 guitar loops, performed and recorded by the author on electric guitar. Above all, the samples included in this kit will fit in Emo-Rap and Punk-Rap, because it is the focus of the creator’s own musical works. But of course, you can easily use them in any Hip-Hop, Trap type beat and they would sound fantastic.

Retribution Guitar Kit is the perfect tool to immerse your listener into the sea of cosmic sounds. Combining the human element of live playing with electronic power of sound processing, Lord Ghost achieves interesting and diverse sound while being very musical. So the effects like phaser, chorus, delay, and reverb add a psychedelic touch to deeply lyrical melodies and harmonies.

What’s inside?

  • 60 live performed unique loops;
  • High quality 32-bit audio;
  • Production-ready processed samples;
  • Huge variety of effects;
  • BPM specified for each track.

Lord Ghost is an Artist and Producer from Seattle, Washington. In the year 2018 alone he released 7 Projects and produced the majority of all of them. Also, he has released 6 standalone EPs written, performed and produced by himself. And now, this well-rounded composer and producer sharing some of his material with the world.


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