Traktrain Guitar Kit “Death Race” (50 Loops) by Kill Will


In this Traktrain Guitar Kit “Death Race” Kill Will presents 50 Guitar Loops perfect for making Chill-Hop, Trap and Hip-Hop type beats.


Kill Will presents his Guitar Kit “Death Race”, which contains 50 guitar loops. Including both acoustic and electric guitar, this kit is very versatile. However, it will sound really good in Chill, Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, and Trap context. The creator describes his sound as resembling Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Charlie Puth.

Samples done with the natural instruments are the most valuable, especially the ones that fit within popular genres like Trap and Hip-Hop. Sometimes it is hard to get away with sampling jazz saxophone or metal guitar from existing recordings. And that is where this pack comes in with its swelled and atmospheric electric and crisp and warm acoustic guitar loops.

What’s inside?

  • 50 original Guitar loops;
  • Acoustic and Electric guitar;
  • Professionally recorded;
  • Processed with high-quality effects;
  • Grouped by BPM, key specified for each sample;
  • Personal artistic touch.

Kill Will is a music producer based in Los Angeles, CA, who specializes in mixing beats and processing vocals. However, this time he decided to share a pack of guitar loops with his fellow producers. He has been producing for 7 years, worked with many producers and vocalists in the Hip Hop & EDM industry. So this made him proficient in a variety of music genres. Because his preferred styles include Funk, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, R&B, Soul, and Trap.


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