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Buy TRAKTRAIN Grim Reaper Hoodie at the TRAKTRAIN Store. Branded clothing, limited edition (only 100 made), delicate wash/air dry.

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TRAKTRAIN presents a new item in a line of branded clothing – the ghastly and ominous Grim Reapers Hoodie.

Hoodies are a universally loved piece of clothing because of their extreme convenience and timeless look. Likewise, it has been a part of the underground culture for ages because of its informal style and baggy design. And its most prominent attribute – the hood – is the symbol of anonymity and psychological comfort. So we decided not to miss out on the opportunity of making our very special version of this garment.

That is to say, the TRAKTRAIN hoodie is a fresh take on a classic concept. When it is too cold for a T-shirt but too hot for a proper jacket, this piece of street-wear is just perfect. Because it offers just enough protection from bad weather. For instance, drawstrings with metal casings on the edges for fixating the hood. So you can feel warm and cozy outside even if there’s some strong wind. All in all, the hoodie is very reliable and enduring.

When it comes to style, the hoodie is also top notch. You can never go wrong with black color when you back it up with good design elements, and this one sure has them. We thought it was very fitting to put hooded figures onto a hoodie. And Grim Reaper is the most famous of them all. But to dial down the dark tone just a little bit we introduced the colorful artwork with 3 shapes and some Japanese characters. Also, there are some stripes on one sleeve done with matching colors and an eye-catching TRAKTRAIN logo on the chest. These kind of prints are common on T-shirts, but not so much on hoodies. And with unique design this product makes you stand out even more!


  • This is Limited Edition – only 100 Made;
  • Color: Black;
  • Sizes available: Small, Medium Large and Xtra Large;
  • Decorated with TRAKTRAIN Logo on the front and unique artwork on the back;
  • Two hand pockets on the front;
  • Delicate wash/air dry only.

Additional information

Weight 0.88 lbs

S, M, L, XL


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