Traktrain Drum Kit “Low End” (80 One-Shot Samples) by Abyssus Erigo


In this Traktrain Drum Kit “Low End” Abyssus Erigo presents 80 One-Shot Samples including Basses and Kicks perfect for making Hip-Hop or Trap type beats.


Abyssus Erigo presents “Low End” Drum Kit on Traktrain store. It contains 80 one-shot samples of various bass and kick drum sounds. So it is the ultimate collection of low-frequency drum samples for making any type of Hip-Hop and Trap beat.

No producer would argue that kicks and basses are the foundation of a beat’s groove. Of course, the rhythmic pattern sets the song apart, but the actual samples are equally important. Because our ears recognize the timbre of the sound first, and then make sense of the musical context. With the help of “Low End” kit, you won’t have to worry about it for quite some time!

What’s inside?

  • 40 Bass one-shots;
  • 40 Kick one-shots;
  • High-quality 32-bit audio;
  • Fine-tuned by the creator;
  • Punchy tones guaranteed to cut through the mix;
  • Useful tips for making samples sound good in your track;
  • An instructional video showcasing the use of the contents.

Abyssus Erigo is a Greek producer and a vocalist who aims to fuse all of his influences in his music. So he creates intense, dark, atmospheric, aggressive, oppressive and beautiful soundscapes. While he got into the extreme metal scene in the beginning, producing drew his attention. Then he quickly realized that besides the love for this music, he’s also super drawn to mixing and mastering, so he had to become a mixing nerd. He spent 3 years crafting and perfecting his sound and creating his own samples.


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