Traktrain Decade Anniversary Sample Pack


In this Decade Anniversary Sample Pack TRAKTRAIN presents 1000 samples from 69 kits perfect for making Trap, Lo-Fi, Ambient, Rock, and Electronic beats.


Celebrate a decade of exceptional sound with the exclusive TRAKTRAIN Decade Anniversary Sample Pack! This monumental bundle is a curated selection of 69 top-tier TRAKTRAIN Digital Exclusive production sample packs from our extensive library.

✨ What’s Inside?

Dive into a universe of sound with over 1000 carefully chosen samples. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the diversity and quality that TRAKTRAIN has been synonymous with over the years. From the gritty vibes of our “Fast Money Trap” to the ethereal tones of our ambient & guitar packs, this bundle spans genres and styles, giving you an unparalleled range of sounds to inspire your next hit.

🎵 Highlights Include:

⦁ Diverse Genres: Everything from Trap, Lo-Fi, Ambient, Rock to Electronic and beyond;
⦁ Exclusive Selections: Handpicked samples from each of our Digital Exclusive packs;
⦁ High Quality: Pristine sound quality that TRAKTRAIN is known for;
⦁ Versatility: Suitable for producers of all levels and styles.

🚀 Why This Bundle?

The TRAKTRAIN Decade Anniversary Sample Pack is more than just a collection of sounds; it’s a gateway to the full TRAKTRAIN experience. At the same time, this pack offers a taste of each exclusive kit, the full packs on our website hold even more treasures for your production needs. This bundle is your key to exploring, creating, and expanding your musical horizons.

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