In this THE BAG Trap Sample Pack TRAKTRAIN presents 573 HQ samples of loops & one-shots perfect for making Dark Trap, Phonk, Memphis Rap, and Japanese Trap.



TRAKTRAIN is proud to present “THE BAG” Trap Sample Pack with 573 High-Quality samples created by an affiliated producer. The pack consists of an ultimate amount of Loops & One-Shots including Bass, Drum, Melodic, and FX Loops. Drum Loops include Fills, Fulls, Percussions & Extra Percussions, while Melodic Loops provide Pluck Leads, Synth Leads, and Synth Chords.

If you’re looking into customizing your beat machine, drum rack or any other drum pad device, this kit’s One-Shot library is what you need – 808 Bass, different kinds of Drum-shots like Kicks, Hats, Percussions, Rides, Snares, Cymbals and Tops, and also FX One-Shots with some Electronics & Risers inside. This kit is perfect for making Dark Trap, Phonk & Memphis Rap beats, Japanese Trap and other multi-genre futuristic electronic music.

What’s inside?

  • 224 Drum Loops (Fills, Fulls, Percussions & Extra Percussions);
  • 138 Melodic Loops (Leads, Synth Leads, and Synth Chords);
  • 121 Drums One-Shots (Kicks, Hats, Percussions, Rides, Snares, Cymbals and Tops);
  • 73 Bass Samples (Loops & 808 Bass One-Shots);
  • 17 FX Samples;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • 100% Royalty-free.


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