“Rated R” Melodic MIDI Loop Kit (50 Loops) by Chef Aidan

$20.00 $12.00

In this MIDI Kit you will have 50 detailed and melodically driven MIDI loops perfect for getting a quick head start on your next beat.


From pianos to basslines, from strong leads to delicate motifs, this kit provides you with a very diverse and varied approach to starting your next beat. All MIDIs can, of course, be customized, you can raise or lower them an octave, take out the bass notes, change the top melodies and add or take away any elements you want.

What’s Inside?

  • 50 MIDI loops;
  • Chord progressions;
  • Strong melodic leads;
  • Piecing bass notes;
  • Perfect for slow and quick BPMs;
  • Fully customizable.

Chef Aidan is a well-known name around Traktrain. He is a veteran producer at this point and specializes in the melodic and composing side of music production. He is especially proficient in his piano playing skills. And has once again provided us with 50 of his best melodies. The quality of this kit is incredible and sounds great with a wide range of instruments. From pianos to bells and to pads. If you are looking for the most complete MIDI Kit to inject high-quality melodic elements into your music, then the Rated R kit is perfect for you.



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