Traktrain New Age Trap MIDI Kit (over 50 files) by Liquid

$15.00 $9.00

The Point Blank Kit is the perfect starter kit for someone wanting to make fresh, new trap beats in a hurry with 50 MIDI files included and ready to use!


Firstly, do you ever find yourself making a great melody but falling short because of the drums? Or how about being stuck on creating a nice top lead for your bottom melody to sit under? Or what about simply finding it impossible to find a solid hi-hat pattern for your track? Then the Point Blank MIDI Kit is perfect for you!

What Do I Get?

  • Melody Loops (5);
  • 808s Loops (10);
  • Kicks Loops (10);
  • Open Hats Loops (10);
  • Hi-Hat’s Loops (15);
  • Snares Loops (15).

With bouncy hi-hats to interesting variating 808 patterns, the Point Blank MIDI Kit contains a wide range of MIDI patterns for you to start your next beat with, edit yourself or to simply spice up your normal music production, adding a fresh, new, bouncy feeling to your beats. Finally, perfect for anyone looking to make upbeat, interesting trap beats.


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