Neo Warrior Trap Sample Pack vol. 2


In this Neo Warrior Trap Sample Pack vol. 2 TRAKTRAIN presents 300+ HQ Samples perfect for making Hard Japaneese Trap, EDM, Pop and Hip-Hop type beats.


Traktrain presents the “Neo Warrior” Trap Sample Pack volume 2 with 315 samples of various instruments. It contains bass, drum, vocal loops, as well as some cool effects sounds, and one-shots. This kit is perfect for making Future Trap and Japanese Trap. However, it will also shine in such genres as EDM and even Pop.

The original “Neo Warrior” sample pack received a sequel with the new collection of fire musical content. Most importantly, the mean drum loops of the original return with even more class and bite. Synthetic drum sounds comprise dense grooves. In addition, one-shots of all the used drum sounds are included. Furthermore, the creator made sure that, while staying true to the warrior spirit, the featured bass and melody loops expand upon themes explored in the first volume. The ethnic motifs and instruments ensure the mysterious and foreboding atmosphere of the melodies and chords. The author used several traditional instruments apart from pads and synths for the loops: koto, pipa, and shamisen. In addition, there are several vocals – breath and screams – and effects – impact and sweeps – one-shots to spice up your compositions.

What’s inside?

  • 78 Drum Loops;
  • 124 Drum One-Shots;
  • 61 Melodic Loops;
  • 26 Bass Loops;
  • 18 Melodic One-Shots;
  • 8 FX;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • 100% Royalty-free.

To enter upon the path of warrior equipped with the right toolset!


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