Ghost Town MIDI Loop Kit (50) by Niike9

$20.00 $12.00

Love making beats similar to Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Gunna and more? Then the Ghost Town MIDI Kit will give you a great headstart on creating your next track!


Introducing 50 totally customizable MIDI Loops the Ghost Town MIDI Loop Kit. Niike9 has put together a complete Trap MIDI Kit for you. Get the ultimate headstart on making your next trap kit. A smooth blend of party, aggressive and upbeat melodic loops. The Ghost Town kit provides you with a well rounded, diverse range of MIDIs ready to drag and drop right into your project.

What Are The Loops Like?

  • Thick, full melodic chords
  • Bouncy, upbeat, top melodies
  • Intense, aggressive leads
  • Chill laid back progressions
  • 50 Customizable MIDI Loops

Niike9 has been studying his craft for years now and with this latest kit of his he has put together his most complete package of melodic loops so far. Many years of work and inspiration has gone into this kit and it is very apparent in the sheer quality of the melodies inside. Jump right in and explore the Ghost Town on your own, who knows what you might come out with on the other side!



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