“Cashmere” Loop Kit (50 Loops) by Chef Aidan

$20.00 $12.00

Chef Aidan serves up another batch of his melodic loops in this brand new kit entitled “Cashmere”, perfect for trap and hip hop beats.


This loop kit contains a wide range of loops. From slow to fast, from dark to bright and from light to thick. Using a variety of instruments such as pianos, harps, bells, and pads this kit is perfect for those looking to add a new flavor to their beats. All loops are of the highest quality and have already been expertly processed by Chef Aidan himself so you can easily drag and drop these files right into your project and get started!

About This Loop Kit:

  • 50 Trap Loops;
  • Incredible WAV Quality;
  • Key and BPM in the title;
  • Expertly mixed and processed;
  • A wide range of instrumental choice.

For those of you familiar with Traktrain you will most certainly recognize Chef Aidan. He has released multiple high-quality loop kits with us. Moreover, he has recently been featured on Splice’s YouTube channel where one of his loops was being used by Maaly Raw. He is a master at creating melodic samples and this kit is another volume of his incredible work.



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