Airblade Trap Sample Pack

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In this Airblade Trap Sample Pack TRAKTRAIN presents 300+ Samples perfect for making Future Trap, Phonk, Bass & Electropop tunes of any taste.


Traktrain presents the “Airblade Trap” Lo-Fi Sample Pack with 300 samples of various instruments. It contains bass, drum, vocal loops, as well as some cool effects sounds, and one-shots. This kit is perfect for making Future Trap and Electropop. However, it will also shine in such genres as Phonk and Trill.

It is amazing that sometimes music can represent past and future trends at the same time. Certainly, that’s what the term “retrofuturistic” is all about. Indeed, the “Airblade Trap” kit gives off this vibe, weaving nostalgia-ridden synths with somewhat Asian themes and futuristic beats. The kit shines with timeless 808-like bass lines and an unusual mix of drum beats – some with a distinct industrial style, some with a more natural sound. The creator also included separate parts of each drum loop, as well as different versions of bass loops to provide you with more control over the music. Drum and bass tones are also available as one-shots. As for melody loops – the kit has different versions: Intro for the beginnings, and Drop for section changes.

What’s inside?

  • 15 Bass Loops;
  • 20 Drop Melody Loops;
  • 20 Intro Melody Loops;
  • 75 Drum Loops;
  • 10 FX;
  • 15 Melody Shots;
  • 55 One-Shots;
  • 20 Bass Shots;
  • 15 Vocal Atmospheres.

Use the Airblade to slash the air through the speakers!


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