Traktrain Hi-Hat Midi Kit – Chroma (50 Hi-Hat Loops) by Jordon Lumley


In this Hi Hat Midi Kit Chroma at the TRAKTRAIN Store Jordon Lumley brings 50 Hi-Hat MIDI Patterns brilliant for making Lil Skies and Ronny J type beats.


First of all, Traktrain Hi-Hat Midi Kit “Chroma” by Jordon Lumley will bring your sound to a new level! Experience drum patterns using your own samples to reach unique sound. Even more, speedy, diverse and playful alternations will give you a natural pleasure.

What’s inside?

  • Bright and flexible Hi-Hat MIDI Patterns (50).

Jordon Lumley is a music producer from USA. His status in music industry speaks for itself. Moreover, his production level reaches peak values. Each composition honed to perfection. Finally, according to his social networks, he often has collaborations with famous people and seems very popular.

Sample Clearance / Royalty Information:

MIDI & Loop Kits are royalty-free in the context of selling beats online. In case of placements with major artists original samples must be cleared by Jordon Lumley before seeking profit.

All files in the kit are 100% owned by Jordon Lumley.

Email if you have any questions.

Above all, by purchasing/downloading this Kit you agree to all mentioned above.


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