“2Late4Me” Guitar Loop Pack (45 Loops) by IOF


In this Guitar Loop Kit, IOF provides 45 heartbreaking multi-layered guitar loops perfect for making Smrtdeath, Ghostmane and Lil Peep type beats.



Deeply emotional, intense guitar riffs are the main theme of this kit. Beautifully processed and expertly played, these loops are perfect for anyone who loves making beats similar to the late Lil Peep, Smrtdeath or SuicideBoys.

What’s Inside?

  • 45 Incredible, visceral guitar loops
  • Each loop has mulitple layers such as basslines, riffs, top melodies and reversed guitars
  • Lonesome airy melodies to dark punishing tones throughout
  • Distorted, clean and trashed guitars are the main focus of this kit

IOF is a producer from Greece who has been on Traktrain for some times now. His guitar skills are unprecedented and you can hear his sheer talent shine throughout this kit. These loops have been played with true emotion and that is very evident throughout. These loops have been professionally recorded to preserve the utmost of quality of these loops. They will simply fit perfectly into your next track will almost no processing needed. This kit is ideal for those wishing to carry on the emo trap legacy. 2Late4Me is your chance to join the legends of this generation defining genre.


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